Massage for men

Sensual and intimate massage that releases sexual tension and blocks. The whole Tantric massage is essentially a ritual tribute to the man. Gentle and sensuous touch boosting your sexual energy without anything to enforce. Enjoy a passive role and feel the touch of the body and soul. Through this experience you can learn to experience orgasm without ejaculation, orgasm is not limited to sexual organs, but is experienced throughout the body, like the state of extasy and indescribable love. You can learn to handle your own sexual energy, distribute it throughout the body and then from it a few days after taking power. You'll feel fresh and vital.

During the tantra massage you‘ll spend a pleasurable, exciting moments in a beautiful oriental rooms lit by lot of candles and soft sound of tantric songs. Pleasant aromatic scent of essential oils and lots of rose petals will give you unforgettable moments that you can experience just about in a real paradise. To the paradise also belong the beautiful beings and you will find them inside of our masseuses, who will accompany you during the whole tantric lineup. These accredited masseuse, you can choose according to your wishes, intuition, or a description of our photo gallery (education, experience, etc...) We are the first massage salon in Prague, which begans to operate legally tantric massage and still the only one who does not hide his identity as a very Tantra worship, and we do it with love.

The highlight of tantra massage is: Royal Tantric massage, pamper package for men with an asterisk or a fourth dimension, which include: -Aroma bath including refreshments (champagne, etc..) -Opening ritual dating Ablution-flower water -Smoothing and faning (feathers and moleskins) -Anti-stress massage of the head and face -Oil massage with warm afrodiz. or aromatic natural oil, using lava stones Lingam-massage - 25 magical mystery touch massage godness Shakti -Optional opportunity to massage the prostate -Big Draw (internal orgasm )... -Relaxation (also possible on the device Bodywave) Moreover, there is also free delivery in Prague and the last of them closed the entire floor massage.