Massage for women

requires more tenderness, a long massage, stroking and relaxation throughout the body, because the female sex organs are deep within the body and longs for a slow, gentle and loving approach. Enjoy also the beautiful sensual Tantric ritual and tribute by a massage to find out what you do well. Optionally you can add or omit the contrary, intimate massage. This massage is also devoted masseurs / ses, among others, the outer and inner zone yoni - the vagina and pelvic floor. The massage begins with the ritual, and continues to massage the soft caressing different objects, then a natural oil massage with warm scented oil on both sides of the body. If Masseur/se doesn’t sense an "opening yoni" (perfect relaxation), then the massage ends only by placing his hand on the abdomen and can be resumed at the next visit. After the massage always followes total relaxation and is washed away stress and tension. Tantric massage for women has medicinal purposes and helps- for example: pain during intercourse, inability to achieve orgasm, problems with the ovaries, uterus, vagina and even other problems, but may also contribute to the development of sexuality and to increase sexual experience with your partner. For women who would have been more pleasant, this massage from the same sex can have her with us also enjoy the very pleasant and handsome ladies masseuses, which have a positive relationship with women and her massages are highly praised and sought by our clients.