Tantric courses

You also learn the unique art of tantric massage! You will develop the ability to fine work with the body, energy and touch that you and your family to help realize a deeper dimension of your bodies. What you donate: opportunity to look throw the secrets of nature's own energy of body and awakening the natural sequence of sexuality. Tantra massage techniques that will enable participants to fully relax and stimulate your body energy. It concerns not only the body but also the soul. Arises when it attentive and friendly contact between the host and the giving person. Tantric massage deeply relaxes and creates the energy level at which we are able to fully feel and experience love, joy and ecstasy. All you can give your loved ones ... Learn how to perform tantric massage Teaching massage includes some theory, but for the main part is practical. Bring to us your spouse, partner or a close and massage will be demonstrated on her (him). If you do not know anyone who had enough courage, we will find another options. All will take place at a slow pace and with respect to the limits of your female partner or a partner. Teaching takes a minimum of three hours, but if you want your skills even further, they can be divided into three separate blocks of 2-3 hours, which is more intensive. Of course is an advantage if you already have some experience with massage, but for graduate the education is not required.